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Wuertz Wonder Product Line

Featuring Gourd Inks and Transparent Acrylics made by Stewart Superior and the latest Gourd Cleaner that makes cleaning the inside of gourds effortless!

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Small Cannonball Gourd Special Ultimate CLEANED Pear Gourd Special
Small Cannonball Gourd SpecialUltimate CLEANED Pear Gourd Special

In this special you get 25 cannonball gourds that are 3"-4" in diameter. They are great for small bowls and ornaments. Very limited quantities!!!

In this special you get 20 cleaned pear gourds that are 3"-5" wide. 10 will be 3"-4" wide and the other 10 will be 4"-5" wide. These are great gourds for a wide variety of projects especially around the holidays and they are perfect projects to...